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VisionQuest is a unique transition program for students with disabilities from high school to transition at age 22. These students have a need for a program focused on improving employment skills, healthy living, community involvement and independent living skills. VisionQuest prepares students for both competitive and supported employment as well as independent and semi-independent living.


individual education plan

Have a current IEP and be enrolled in a local school district.

individualized education programs

Be in at least 9th grade.

positive education program

Have a need for curriculum focused on transitional skills for healthy adulthood versus traditional academics.

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positive education program

The Vision Quest staff works alongside students, parents and school districts to ensure that each individual is connected and prepared for the next step after school services are complete. We work hard to establish a good partnership with the most appropriate adult service agencies which include:

  • Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD)

In addition to offering support for understanding and applying for guardianship and SI/SSDI as appropriate for each individual.

special needs school

Each student works within the community at established job sites in addition to on-site vocational experiences to expand their individual skills. Students work on increasing their stamina, attention to task and work initiative. Students work alongside employees at each site, as well as Vision Quest staff to help coach them as necessary.

The current employment settings include:

  • Retail
  • Stocking
  • Manufacturing/Assembly
  • Custodial
special needs school

Students are given project-based problem-solving tasks each week that mirror common independent living and community skills. Together with staff, they learn and practice appropriate strategies for addressing these needs. Each experience culminates in a hands-on, community-based group activity where students can practice their solution in a safe, supported environment. Common experiences include:

  • Basic Wellness and Safety (Scheduling appointments, maintaining orderly living spaces)
  • Shopping (Grocery and Retail)
  • Leisure Activities (which improve team skills, appropriate social skills and communicating with each other)
credit recovery school

Students work on a variety of independent living skills within the community and in VisionQuest’s Independent Living Lab to help increase their independence to participate in activities outside of school. Many of these activities are skills they practice in school and within the community, such as:

  • Budgeting and Personal Finance
  • Cooking and Meal Planning
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Housekeeping
  • Wellness and Personal Health
  • Communication
credit recovery school

Families work together with VisionQuest staff to determine an appropriate and sustainable transportation plan for their student’s unique needs. Students practice real-world skills by calling and scheduling rides, and communicating with drivers and community members as they travel on a realistic, affordable option to employment and community settings each week.

special education school

Student Businesses

Due to COVID-19, off-campus job site visits have been temporarily suspended. During this time, VisionQuest students still have the opportunity to practice real-time job skills via our on-site student-run businesses. These businesses include Cubby Cups Coffee, PawPrints Custom Screen Printing, Great Outdoors Groundskeeping, crEAte Art Boxes, and Bear Care Laundry Service. By operating these businesses, students learn skills like professional communication and self-presentation, money management, business math, problem-solving, and teamwork.

VisionQuest businesses support EA programs as well as serving the greater community. To learn more about student-run businesses at EA Ravenna, contact Building Director Michael Horning at To support PawPrints, purchase custom EA apparel.

“I’ve seen my daughter thrive and turn into this amazing young woman. I know her learning delays are never going to fully go away, but I know EA helps her really find the positive in herself.”

– Valeri L., Springfield parent