The echo program

Education Alternatives' credit recovery school

ECHO is a credit recovery high school program in Ohio.

EA’s ECHO program provides students with the opportunity to earn their high school credits in a small group setting with a blended learning system.

The ECHO Program

An ECHO student:

  • needs a flexible setting where they can work at their own pace with the guidance of a teacher in the classroom
  • may need an alternative learning environment due to suspension or expulsion
  • is in grades 9-12 (junior high can be accommodated)
  • may or may not have an IEP
  • may use REACH Behavioral Health for therapeutic support and individual counseling

Over 90% students enrolled in the ECHO program earn their high school diploma on time.

ECHO classroom features

ECHO students set their own pace and work faster than in a traditional classroom setting, but still have the benefit of a teacher for additional support.

Blended Learning Environment

Classrooms utilize both research-based online learning platforms as well as teacher-led instruction.

Individualized Intervention

Our computer and small-group workstations allow for 1:1 student-teacher interaction.


ECHO curriculum allows for students to complete their coursework from home or in our classrooms for up to 6 hours/day.

Personalized Education

Our digital curriculum provides a wide range of elective course options.

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