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EA provides special education to children in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

There are a few ways to enroll your child in EA. Answer the questions below to help us decide on the right one for your child.

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  • Who pays for my child to attend Education Alternatives?

    If your child is placed on an IEP that says “separate facility at EA,” your school district will pay for your child to attend EA.

    If you are unable to get your child on an IEP, EA accepts public funding through the Jon Peterson scholarship and/or other public scholarships. Your child receives the same services as other EA students, but the tuition is paid by the state. We can help you enroll in these scholarships.

  • Does EA provide transportation for my child?

    EA is able to provide door-to-door transportation on our school vans, for all students attending EA. Transportation services are usually paid for by the school or state.

  • Does EA follow the state graduation and testing requirements?

    Yes, EA follows all state testing and graduation requirements. When a child is placed at EA, he/she is still enrolled in their placing school district, so when they graduate they receive a diploma from that school district.

  • Can my child receive mental health services at EA?

    Yes, EA partners with REACH Behavioral Health to offer daily group therapy in the classroom. Students also have individual therapy sessions with licensed mental health counselors on a monthly basis.

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