A Note From Our Founder

I founded Education Alternatives more than twenty years ago, because I saw a need to open a school for students who often struggled and failed in traditional public schools.

When I was a special education teacher, I saw first-hand the difference an experienced and empathic educator can make in a student’s life. Students who were disrupting classrooms, not completing assignments,and often getting suspended would become focused and more successful when they came into my classroom. I knew it was possible for these students to succeed, so I created a place where they could.

When I opened EA, I hired and trained staff members who shared this passion and motivation to educate struggling students. Together, we have created an environment where these children can learn and thrive.

Twenty years later, EA has educated more than 3,000 students in Northeast, Ohio, and we have cheered them on in many of their graduation ceremonies.

I deeply look forward to the next 20 years as our EA team shares in the joys and challenges of educating today’s students.


Gerald Swartz
Executive Director

EA is the place that made my daughter fall in love with school and learning … She is 180 degree turned in a positive direction, and I am forever grateful for EA.

– Valeri L., Springfield Parent

My experience at EA has been great; I have no complaints. My son’s behavior has gotten a lot better. EA has a lot more patience with him than other schools, you don’t just send him home or kick him out.

– Ozie G., Elyria Parent

It’s the best decision we made. It was a hard decision to make – at first, you think you want them to stay in regular school. This the school for her, though. It meets all her needs.

– Jackie M., Elyria Parent

EA helped my son tremendously. He used to have outbursts at home, couldn’t stay at daycare, couldn’t be in public school, and was getting in trouble with police. Now he doesn’t even need his medication anymore because he’s able to use coping mechanisms that they’ve taught him.

– Nicole O., Ravenna Parent

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