Specialized Education

EA’s Coral Autism Program is a school-day program that supports the social and emotional needs of children on the autism spectrum. Our licensed teachers, classroom aides and supplementary staff employ evidence-based best practices tailored to every child to help build an inclusive, safe, and academically appropriate learning environment.

EA educators understand the unique mental health and academic needs of children with autism and their families. We approach our program from a standpoint of respect for our neurodiverse students, allowing them to express their individuality while building functional social and life skills. Our program is inclusive, and you can feel confident that your child will spend their day participating in activities in whatever way is most comfortable and rewarding for them.

Our full team approach integrates EA teachers, parents, the school district, and any outside professionals (such as speech pathologists and occupational therapists) that play a role in your child’s care. Coral meets our students where they are and helps families to coordinate all the resources for a full spectrum of academic, social, emotional, and life skills programming.

Our Academic Approach

EA’s CORAL Autism Program looks and feels like a traditional school, but our process ensures every students’ special education and mental health needs are being met.

Additional Educational Therapy

– Occupational therapy
– Speech pathology
– Physical therapy

Sensory Spaces

– Aid in emotional regulation
– Allows students to process emotions with visual, auditory, and tactile aids

REACH Behavioral Health

– Individual behavioral therapy
– Family therapy
– Psychiatry services


– Helps older students learn life skills and transition into healthy adulthood
– Learn about independent living skills, employment opportunities, and community involvement

EA is the place that made my daughter fall in love with school and learning … She is 180 degree turned in a positive direction, and I am forever grateful for EA.

– Valeri L., Springfield Parent

My experience at EA has been great; I have no complaints. My son’s behavior has gotten a lot better. EA has a lot more patience with him than other schools, you don’t just send him home or kick him out.

– Ozie G., Elyria Parent

It’s the best decision we made. It was a hard decision to make – at first, you think you want them to stay in regular school. This the school for her, though. It meets all her needs.

– Jackie M., Elyria Parent

EA helped my son tremendously. He used to have outbursts at home, couldn’t stay at daycare, couldn’t be in public school, and was getting in trouble with police. Now he doesn’t even need his medication anymore because he’s able to use coping mechanisms that they’ve taught him.

– Nicole O., Ravenna Parent

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