Day Treatment

A blend of special education and mental health services with a low student to staff ratio, in a typical school environment.

A nutritious breakfast and lunch

Coral Autism

Designed for school-aged children on the autism spectrum, Coral utilizes ABA therapy to provide support for each child’s needs.


ECHO - Credit Recovery

Gives students who are falling behind academically the opportunity to earn high school credits in a small classroom setting.

Dual camera monitoring

Vision Quest

For high school students up to age 22, this program prepares them for supported employment and independent living.

Transportation to and from camp

EA Transportation

We provide safe and reliable transportation from your home to each EA school.

Rigorous staff training

REACH Behavioral Health

Our mental health care partnership with REAH Behavioral Health provides your child with the mental health support they need.


Summer Therapeutic Camp

Daily group therapy and traditional outdoor camp activities for children who need enhanced behavioral and emotional support over the summer months.


EA is the place that made my daughter fall in love with school and learning … She is 180 degree turned in a positive direction, and I am forever grateful for EA.

– Valeri L., Springfield Parent

My experience at EA has been great; I have no complaints. My son’s behavior has gotten a lot better. EA has a lot more patience with him than other schools, you don’t just send him home or kick him out.

– Ozie G., Elyria Parent

It’s the best decision we made. It was a hard decision to make – at first, you think you want them to stay in regular school. This the school for her, though. It meets all her needs.

– Jackie M., Elyria Parent

EA helped my son tremendously. He used to have outbursts at home, couldn’t stay at daycare, couldn’t be in public school, and was getting in trouble with police. Now he doesn’t even need his medication anymore because he’s able to use coping mechanisms that they’ve taught him.

– Nicole O., Ravenna Parent

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