VisionQuest is a unique transition program for students with disabilities. Designed for students in high school through age 22 for whom traditional academics are no longer the primary focus, this program can help your child become more self-reliant and learn important life skills.


Independent or semi-independent living

Improved employment skills

The development of healthy habits

Community involvement


For a student to qualify for this program, students need:

  • To have a current IEP from a local school district
  • Be in 9th grade or higher
  • Have a need for living and skills-focused education



Students work on increasing their focus and work initiative through both on-site, student-run businesses and off-site opportunities with local businesses. These safe, supported environments build confidence and allow students to practice the building blocks of retail, food service, outdoor maintenance, and other industries. These soft employment skills help them qualify for and retain stable employment at their ability level when they graduate.

2Community Involvement

Students perform project-based problem-solving tasks each week that mirror common independent living and community skills. Common experiences include:

  • Basic wellness and safety tasks
  • Retail and grocery shopping
  • Leisure activities

3Independent Living Skills

Students work on independent living skills within the community and in VisionQuest’s Independent Living Lab to help increase their independence.

  • Budgeting and Personal Finance
  • Cooking and Meal Planning
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Housekeeping
  • Wellness and Personal Health
  • Communication


We connect and prepare students and their families with the most appropriate adult service agencies and government support programs.


We work with families to determine an appropriate and sustainable transportation plan for their student’s unique needs.


With the support of EA staff, these businesses are run by VisionQuest students to help develop their job skills and serve the greater community.

  • PawPrints: a custom apparel shop serving EA and clients in the greater community
  • Chubby Cups: a small food service program supporting a weekly carry-out restaurant within EA schools.
  • GrEAt Outdoors Groundskeeping: an outdoor groundskeeping service

EA is the place that made my daughter fall in love with school and learning … She is 180 degree turned in a positive direction, and I am forever grateful for EA.

– Valeri L., Springfield Parent

It’s the best decision we made. It was a hard decision to make – at first, you think you want them to stay in regular school. This the school for her, though. It meets all her needs.

– Jackie M., Elyria Parent

My experience at EA has been great; I have no complaints. My son’s behavior has gotten a lot better. EA has a lot more patience with him than other schools, you don’t just send him home or kick him out.

– Ozie G., Elyria Parent

EA helped my son tremendously. He used to have outbursts at home, couldn’t stay at daycare, couldn’t be in public school, and was getting in trouble with police. Now he doesn’t even need his medication anymore because he’s able to use coping mechanisms that they’ve taught him.

– Nicole O., Ravenna Parent

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