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Day Treatment Program

Day Treatment Program

The Education Alternatives Day Treatment program blends special education and mental health services to provide students with emotional and behavioral needs a structured, empathic learning environment. Students in grades K-12 are able to enroll in the Day Treatment program at one of EA’s eight locations, located throughout northeast Ohio.

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Students attend the program for the full school day with EA providing door-to-door transportation services. Students who have difficulty controlling their emotions, focusing on academics for an extended time, and transitioning between classes can benefit from EA’s program, as it is designed to help students develop self-regulation and emotional maturity so they can succeed in a regular education program.


EA’s Day Treatment School Program looks and feels like a traditional school, however, underlying it is a structure that ensures students’ special education and mental health needs are being met.

Each Day Treatment classroom is staffed by a licensed teacher and mental health facilitator, who blend both the educational and therapeutic approaches that take place in the classroom. Students receive academic instruction according to their individualized education program (IEP). Additionally, during their school-based day treatment students attend daily group therapy sessions, developed to address their therapeutic needs.

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Classrooms do not exceed a 1:6 staff to student ratio, which helps students who may struggle being in a larger classroom, as well as allows the staff to focus on each student’s academic and therapeutic goals. A licensed therapist is on staff at each EA school and oversees each student’s mental health treatment. The therapist provides individual counseling sessions as needed.

EA follows the Ohio Department of Education’s Academic Curriculum Standards, including state testing requirements for all grades. High school students receive the required coursework to ensure their coursework meets the graduation requirements of their placing school district. Students who graduate from the EA Day Treatment Program will receive a diploma from their home school district.

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Mental Health Philosophy

EA staff utilize the therapeutic approach of Unconditional Positive Regard. Unconditional Positive Regard is based on the principle that students need a positive foundation of trust, rather than punishment, to succeed.

Students in EA’s school-based day treatment programs learn that every day is a fresh start, and a new opportunity to make progress on their individual goals. When students feel confident they will always get another chance, they can finally begin to heal, grow, and leave behind the trauma that fuels negative behaviors.

Classroom staff use a points-based level system to assess each student’s emotional wellbeing and socialization. This level-system ensures students are making progress toward their academic, emotional and social goals.

An experienced EA Director oversees each EA Day Treatment school. Alongside the classroom staff, the Director monitors students’ individual goals and collaborates with families and school districts to suggest interventions that create lasting change.

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Success Beyond School

Each student’s academic coursework and therapeutic sessions in the day treatment program focus on developing critical skills to succeed in adulthood. These skills include:

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Helping students to learn to self-regulate their emotions, identify their thinking errors, set realistic goals, and actively manage their emotional disabilities.

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Developing communication and hands-on skills that may be required for future employment, such as interviewing skills and the understanding of common expectations of future employers.

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Helping students function independently by teaching self-care, life skills, identification of community resources, and appropriate social interactions.

Transition Services

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The goals of EA’s Day Treatment programs are to assist students to increase their academic success, learn skills to manage emotions, and practice interpersonal skills to enhance their ability to interact with others in their social world effectively. After developing these skills, many students return to their placing district schools to continue their schooling.

Enrollment at Our Day Treatment School

If you are considering enrolling your child in the Education Alternatives day treatment program, there are several avenues to placement in our programs. Please visit our enrollment page to learn more on how to enroll your child.

If you have any questions for our team, be sure to reach out. We’ll be happy to help.

“I would tell other parents that EA is a great school for children with special learning issues. The teachers take their time, they have the patience, they reach out and they communicate. Anytime there’s an issue, they reach out and I have an opportunity to talk to my son right then and there, rather than having to wait until the next day.” 

Ozie G., Elyria parent.