Aug 5th, 2021
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Summer is here! But, just because the school year is over, that doesn’t mean that alternative education has to stop as well. For many parents whose children have learning disabilities, autism, or other needs that require alternative education, the summer can bring about extra worry as they ensure their child has the support they need throughout these months until school starts up again.

For parents utilizing alternative education for their children, the summer does not have to be a time in which your child’s education takes a step back. Instead, there are a number of ways in which parents can plan activities around alternative education in the summer, continuing their child’s educational programming throughout these months.

Summer Alternative Education Tip: Explore Sensory Play at Home

If your child benefits from sensory spaces in their alternative education environment, you can create similar activities at home to help with emotional regulation and sensory processing. A great way to do this in the summer is by using a sandbox or a water table. Fill a bucket, a large plastic storage bin, or even a small plastic pool with sand or water, and include other small items to play with and discover.

Summer Alternative Education Tip: Schedule Safe Swim Time

Another great summer activity that can help your child with aspects like sensory regulation and body awareness is swimming. If you have access to a pool in the area, spend some time swimming. You can also consider private swimming lessons for a more personalized experience or one within a calm, uncrowded environment.

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Summer Alternative Education Tip: Spend Time Outdoors or Go on a Nature Walk

One of the benefits to the summer months no matter where you live is that nature is abundant and the weather is usually nice enough to spend some time outside. So a great way to keep your child engaged in the summer is by going on a nature walk.

Depending on where you live, you can set a goal to collect leaves, shells, rocks, or any other items that are common in your area. See how many you can find on your walk, and bring them home to put in a scrapbook or a jar, or utilize them for another craft. This method for alternative education in the summer is a great way to mentally stimulate your child while also doing some physical activity to keep them moving.

Summer Alternative Education Tip: Enroll in a Summer Therapeutic Camp

Summer alternative programs are a great way to provide children with a fun, safe environment where they can experience positive social interactions with their peers and with supportive staff.

Education Alternatives, in conjunction with REACH Behavioral Health, offers summer therapeutic programming for youth with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. The program combines daily group therapy with traditional camp activities, making it a great resource for those in need of alternative education in the summer months.

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