Jul 8th, 2020
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EA provides special education services to students who already have an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) in effect, or are in the process of developing an IEP. Generally, public school districts identify and evaluate children who require specialized educational services. The school district then forms an IEP team, consisting of the parent, student’s teacher and other support staff to develop the IEP and determine if the student would benefit from enrollment in an IEP school such as EA.

If your child does not currently have an IEP, please contact your school administrator to ensure your child has been appropriately evaluated and identified.  

Public school districts recommend Education Alternative’s IEP programs to educate students who require intensive behavioral and academic support.  EA classrooms are staffed by both a licensed intervention specialists and mental health specialist, who implement the curriculum, behavioral goals and support services.  EA staff are trained to address behavioral issues which inhibit learning and social/emotional development.  EA also provides related IEP services, including speech-pathology, and occupational therapy for students whose IEP’s require.  

EA staff work with the parent and school district to develop IEP and classroom accommodations to help each child succeed.  Examples of IEP accommodations include: smaller classroom sizes, academic breaks when necessary, one-on-one educational aides, testing modifications, daily rewards to reinforce positive behavior and school transportation modifications.  Each of these modifications and accommodations is discussed and approved in the IEP team meeting.

For over 20 years, EA has found its IEP programs can dramatically help special education students who were struggling in traditional public-school classrooms.  Parents often report their relief in not receiving daily phone calls regarding behavior and disciplinary issues. 

EA’s goal is for each child to develop lifelong emotional and social skills that benefit the child at home and into adulthood.  EA’s track-record is reflected in the fact that 93% of students who attend EA programs though their senior year, graduate with a high school diploma.

While finding out your child may need an IEP or a more effective IEP program, can be an overwhelming experience, EA’s team of professionals is here to assist you and work with your school district.  EA partners with over 80 school districts in Northeast Ohio to provide special education and IEP services to over 450 students from kindergarten through high school.

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please contact us at enrollment@easchools.org.

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